Teachers’ Unions ‘Keep Moving Goalposts’ on Criteria for Reopening Schools

by Dr. Susan Berry

In a piece published at education site The 74 on the day of Biden’s inauguration, Mike Antonucci observed while teachers’ unions were continuing the narrative that “no one wants to reopen schools more than educators,” they “keep moving the goalposts.”

[…] “[F]or something that they say they want more than anyone, unions seem very committed to stalling for as long as possible,” he wrote. “’Not until it’s safe’ makes a good hashtag, but what do the unions consider to be safe? That’s where things get complicated and vague.”

Standard safety precautions include masks, social distancing, air purifiers, and regular handwashing.

But, in places like Chicago, where union members have voted to defy an order to show up in their classrooms, the school district has already invested $100 million in virus-related safety precautions, including PPE, air purifiers, and additional custodial staff.

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