Poll: Less Than Half of Voters Think Election Concerns Got a Fair Hearing

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

For all the talk about basement-campaigning Joe Biden winning the election freely and fairly, from the press calling any questioning of election results “baseless” with zero detail to Biden himself crowing that the courts have taken his side, the perception of electoral fraud among the public continues to linger.

According to John Solomon’s JustTheNews:

Less than half of U.S. voters say that concerns and allegations of voter fraud were given appropriate attention by the courts and Congress, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

Just 49% of respondents said such concerns received a “fair hearing” before the courts and Congress, while 38% said the concerns were “swept under the rug.”

That goes against Joe Biden’s taunting insistence that every court in America, in response to election challenges, all took his side, meaning proof that Biden won the election fairly.

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