Jack Dorsey Gaslights His Readers, Deludes Himself

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

The man who shut down the Twitter feed of the leader of the free world, while leaving the Chicoms, Nicolás Maduro, and Iran’s mullahs safe to continue tweeting bile, would have you think he’s all in for free speech and kumbaya.

In a bizarre string of tweets, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey waxed philosophical about the “noble ideals” of the internet and how he’s just constantly striving to be better. No creepy gray little “Lives of Others” censor’s life for him, opening everyone’s mail and reporting what he doesn’t like to the authorities.

Nope, he’d have you think that he’s Mr. Free Speech, and he’s all in for whirled peas, with this string of tweets claiming as much.

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