Geopolitics & Empire Interview: the Energy Cliff, Green Energy Myth, Gold, Crypto, & Mad Max Future

by Steve St. Angelo
SRSRocco Report

With the world heading into deeper troubles in 2021, I sat down and chatted with the folks at Geopolitics & Empire. In the interview, we discussed the impact of the coming ENERGY CLIFF on the global economy and markets. We also talked about how this would impact Green Energy, gold, and the cryptos. While some think we are heading towards a Mad Max scenario, I believe it will be different.

Even though the world is heading towards a collapse, due to the coming ENERGY CLIFF, it will likely take decades to play out. Thus, over time, the situation becomes grimmer. So, for those who want to prepare for the negative impacts of the energy cliff, it’s best to work steadily towards an alternative gameplan than to try to do it overnight. But, as time goes by, it will become more difficult to make the changes.

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