Crazy or Reality?

by Karl Denninger

Lin Wood has gone “all in” on what can only be described as either (1) bat**** crazy or (2) cause for an immediate revolution.

No bull**** folks.

Read this:

And for context, the tweets surrounding it.

If true it explains a great many things in the world of politics and alleged “justice”, up and down the line.

If false it’s the sort of thing that gets you thrown into a rubber room — and with good cause.

Here’s my problem with this sort of posting: To put people “on notice” you have it is to threaten them — that is, to demand that they do (or not do) a given thing or you will “out” them. Worse, once used it will of course be used again, and this is exactly the claim that is made in the first place — that “certain people” are controlled through blackmail.

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