Why Trump Will Win

by Rick Ackerman

After watching 50 hours of Giuliani hearings, here is my connect-the-dots summary:

1. The plot to steal the election was brilliant, elegant and well-financed, probably by Soros. It required only a relative handful of precincts and mid-to-high-level planners to succeed – as few as 30 people in all, including foot soldiers.

2. The fixers trained their efforts on just a half-dozen counties – all the precincts needed to swing a close election or solidify a Biden win.

3. Parallel, massive fraud took place in most states as well, but it was not centrally planned or directed. Think ‘jihadi cells’ acting on their own.

4. Evidence of the latter is overwhelming, blatant and largely provable, but it is just a smokescreen. So far, the smokescreen has worked in both a legal and PR sense: It provided instances of fraudl so numerous that it made legal charges of overarching scandal difficult to prove, hard to encapsulate in court filings and easy to ridicule.

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