Want to Live Longer? Move to a Red State

by Rick Ackerman

Statistical and anecdotal evidence suggest that if you are elderly and want to survive Covid-19, you should move to a red state. Here in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis has imposed few restrictions, and yet somehow we are not dropping dead like flies. The state in fact is well down the list of places where the pandemic is alleged to be winning, and it is surely not because we are tightly locked down and masked 24/7. To the contrary, everyone who lives and works here is free to do pretty much as he pleases, subject to the test of common sense. I suspect there are millions of us who wear masks not because we are persuaded that the science behind them is correct, for it is muddled at best, but to be polite and to humor those who think a loosely attached, cotton face cone purchased from CVS could somehow shield one from Covid’s submicroscopic, infinitely clever airborne spores. Life goes on hereabouts in any event. Outdoor concerts and street fairs, though not explicitly forbidden, are few and far between not because we are afraid of outdoor crowds, but because promoters fear they’ll lose money on such events.

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