The Covid Response Shows the Left is Losing Its Way

When we think of our rights and freedoms as rewards for good behavior, we lose

by Meghan Murphy
The Spectator

Last month, British Columbia announced that those who don’t wear masks indoors can now be fined $230. ‘To me, it’s about a sign of respect for our fellow people who are suffering through this with us,’ Provincial Health Officer Dr Bonnie Henry said. Police have also been fining those who dare host gatherings in their condos $2,300. One recent bust was for ‘party guests not wearing masks and sitting too close to each other’.

Call the cops! Your neighbors are having fun!

Sounds Karen-y right? The kind of thing some rich, white, NIMBY, authoritarian, cop-lover would pull. Surely the left must be up in arms — not only are people’s civil liberties being impinged upon, but weren’t we supposed to defund the police?

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