TDV Banned From YouTube: and Kary Mullis, Inventor of PCR, Says Fraudci is a Fraud and Liar

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TDV BANNED FROM YOUTUBE: And Kary Mullis, Inventor of PCR, Says Fraudci is a Fraud and Liar

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Controlled Demolition of The American Empire:

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Lucy’s reaction to being kicked off YT:

TDV’s new channel on YT:

Just doin’ a lil’ “political theater” for the tax slaves while they mind control them with the television programming and fear:

Who wants to bet all these people are recording the sign to send in to the government snitch hotline to have it removed? Yes, I am losing faith in humanity. JK, I never had much.:

Kary Mullis Nobel Prize inventor (PCR) tests Polymerase Chain Reaction 1993 speaks PCR Misused:

This is Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test. He said the tests are meant to magnify material not test for anything. Here he says Fauci is a fraud and a liar. Kary died just before Event 201 last year, because, of course he did:

Bill Gates finally tells the truth Animation:

They Think You’re Stupid (Flight Stewardess on Loudspeaker):

In the 1970s you could walk right up to the plane & smoke on the flight. In 2020 you get radiated, anally probed, your lighter stolen and get told by the stewardess, who is wearing a diaper and smells like shit, that if you take off your muzzle you will be thrown into a rape camp:

Mind control is so amazing. I’ve seen people look at a video of a plane NOT hitting the Pentagram or of a garbage fire in Shanksville and tell me they see a plane. Do you see a pandemic?:

And yeah I’m not wearing a mask for all you maskhole sheep: