Second Amendment Litigants Hope to Try Their Luck with Amy Coney Barrett

The Second Amendment Foundation files a flurry of lawsuits in November, with three aiming at laws restricting public carry.

by Brian Doherty

The Supreme Court has continued to largely evade cases about the Second Amendment since the one-two punch of 2008’s D.C. v. Heller (which declared the amendment protects an individual right to possess commonly used weapons for self-defense in the home) and 2010’s McDonald v. Chicago (which extended that reasoning to state and local laws).

With a more solid majority of jurists on the Court with a record of respect for the Second Amendment now that Amy Coney Barrett has been confirmed, the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), in collaboration with other plaintiffs and organizations, filed a flurry of November lawsuits attempting to extend the reach of the Second Amendment. Should such a case actually end up getting considered by the Supreme Court, gun rights groups have a better chance of prevailing in the Barrett era, as well as a better chance of being taken up in the first place.

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