S.S.S. and S.

by Karl Denninger

Stupidity, Sedition, Shoot or SHUT THE **** UP.

Jesus folks, what the hell is left of this nation and allegedly “intelligent” people?

Let’s start with stupidity. This morning on live TV New York is going to give the first Covid-19 vaccine to someone. In a public spectacle. A vaccine that, I remind you, is constructed using mRNA, a technology that has never been licensed in humans before. It is a parlor trick upon your immune system and while the technology is quite promising in general it also has risks which we do not fully understand simply because without extended human trials there is no way to determine them.

Leaving aside the risk of allergic reactions to PEG, which by the way they’re using to coat their nanoparticles, and which is a known potential problem and which is not really designed to be injected into the human body at all (its use in cosmetics and other things that might be accidentally ingested is well-understood, however) there’s the potential for serious immune dysregulation. If it happens you’re ****ed and there’s nothing you can do about it because the law provides you cannot sue — never mind that dead people can’t get anything useful by suing anyway.

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