Rick Scott: ‘Democrats Are Continuing’ All or Nothing Approach on Covid Relief

by Ian Hanchett

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Evening Edit,” Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) expressed skepticism that a coronavirus relief deal will be reached and said that Democrats’ insistence on funding for state and local governments will prevent a deal from happening.

Host David Asman asked, “So, senator, will Democrats’ demands for state bailouts, specifically blue state bailouts, kill the deal entirely?”

Scott responded, “It sounds like it. It’s unfortunate. We need to help the people who have lost their jobs. We need to keep helping our small businesses. We’ve got to get these schools open. We still need more money for testing and vaccines. So, it’s pretty disappointing, but right now, it sure looks like the Democrats are continuing this idea that they don’t want anything unless they get everything their way.”

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