Republicans, Learn How to Fight Dirty or Keep Being Losers

by Autry Pruitt
American Thinker

As long as Republicans allow unreciprocated decency to stand in the way of victory, they will be losers forever. And, right now, the leader of the losers is Attorney General William Barr.

In the weeks before Election Day, Barr reportedly instructed prosecutors and senior colleagues to prevent the Department of Justice’s (DoJ) investigation into Hunter Biden’s brand of corruption and crony capitalism from leaking to the public. His goal was to “keep the Justice Department out of campaign politics,” although Biden’s transgressions are directly relevant to a presidential election featuring his father. Ultimately, Barr sat silent as the left-leaning mainstream media disregarded the Hunter story and labeled Trump supporters as kooks, while social media’s “woke” elites censored it.

Even as President-elect Joe Biden lied to defend his son, Barr refused to speak up. His silence signaled that Biden was olly olly oxen free.

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