Republicans Are Blowing it in Georgia, and We May All Pay the Price

by Neil Patel

It’s not alarmist to state that the future of our country could be defined by the two Georgia Senate races. We are in an existential moment, and it sure feels like we are floating through it in a daze, without the sense of urgency you would expect if the entire future of your country were on the line. We just had a tough election, but for those who care about our future, it’s past time to wake up from the daze.

Democrats are livid about the Trump era. They feel wronged by President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court picks — even though the process that led to them was started by their own former leader Harry Reid. They feel wronged by Trump’s muscular use of executive authority — even though the president’s actions followed a trend that has been growing for a few successive presidential administrations on a bipartisan basis.

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