Raphael Warnock Confirms Georgians’ Worst Fears

by Kaylee McGhee White
Washington Examiner

Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock confirmed centrists’ and conservatives’ worst fears during Sunday evening’s debate against Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler: namely, that he supports policies much closer to the far Left than the center.

Warnock, who is running against Loeffler during one of Georgia’s critical Senate runoff elections in January, refused to answer important questions about his past and about policies he would support if he were elected. Most notably, he refused to say whether he’d support the Left’s attempt to pack the Supreme Court if Democrats were to take the Senate, and he refused to denounce socialism when asked to do so by Loeffler.

With regard to court-packing, Warnock was asked twice whether he would support adding more justices to the bench. Both times, he refused to even address the question, deflecting to a different talking point about Loeffler’s voting record each time.

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