One of Our Favorite 2021 Picks is Ernest Mast’s Doré Copper

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Doré Copper Mining (TSXV: DCMC – OTCQB:DRCMF) (Sponsor) Some juniors have it all, which is why CEO Ernest Mast couldn’t be more optimistic . It has great projects with high grade deposits, excellent infrastructure in a mine friendly Quebec and has near term production with very low capex. The projects are a stone’s throw (8 miles) from the town of Chibougamau. The company has no debt and owns a 2,700 tpd mill with a 8.0mt tailings facility, who’s replacement cost is several times Dore’s market cap. The project is on the grid, has highway access and to has a rail link to boot. They’re expecting to produce 100,000+ ounces per year au equivalent. The low capex needed to restart production means that it could all happen very quickly. We love it when a plan comes together, which is why we own shares in Doré Copper.

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