Offstage Noises

by James Howard Kunstler

Friday night, the US Supreme Court booted the Texas case against the swing state election janksters, the citation of “standing” likely a cover story for another reason that isn’t strictly legal doctrine but rather a sentiment, namely, that a presidential election dispute belongs more properly in the elected House of Representatives than in the unelected SCOTUS — at least for now, with more cases probably coming at them. The justices didn’t explain their decision.

This wasn’t so with Bush v. Gore in 2000, by the way, but we are a different country now, one mired in institutional paralysis and failure, thanks to the bureaucratic “resistance.” Anyway, the Supremes wouldn’t hear the evidence of ballot fraud, nor has any state court yet, so ignore the plaintive cries from the seditionist news media that claims of gross election irregularities are “baseless.”

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