NYC Mayor Will Send Police to “Home or Hotel” of Every Traveler from U.K.

Nothing says welcome to America like a sheriff knocking at your door

by Kelen McBreen
Info Wars

New York City’s communist Mayor Bill de Blasio revealed on Wednesday he will be ramping up his totalitarian COVID decrees to include door-to-door checkups for visitors from the UK.

“Literally every single traveler coming in from the United Kingdom will receive a Department of Health Commissioner’s Order directing them to quarantine,” he dictated.

[…] However, that DOH order to quarantine will not be limited to travelers from the UK, and will be applied to anyone entering NYC.

“People are going to be held responsible for following the quarantine,” he declared. “But specifically for folks coming from the UK, given that particular concern, we’re going to have sheriff’s deputies go to the home or the hotel of every single traveler coming in from the UK.”

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