Just Say “No” to Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccines with Dr. Carole Lieberman

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Dr. Carole Lieberman’s multi-dimensional career as an internationally renowned “Media Psychiatrist” is always leading edge! On TV, Radio and the Internet, in Film and Print, as a Speaker and the first Shrink on Board, Dr. Carole’s insights help people seize the moment to live happier, more fulfilling lives… “We saw it coming…. Deep down, we suspected that, after capitulating to mandatory lockdowns, masks, and social distancing, we would be told to ‘man up’ and stand in line for MANDATORY vaccines” cautions Dr. Lieberman. She is NOT telling people NOT to get the vaccine. Indeed, she says, “If you want a vaccine, by all means, go for it. But, if you let the government ‘force you’ to put something into your body, they will have crossed the final frontier and your freedom is over!”

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  1. If you had the convids, would you be out and about spreading it if it’s such a deadly (not) disease, you would be indoors taking a break.

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