Jim Rogers Warns Stock Bubble Will Grow in 2021: “I’ve Seen This Movie Before”

by Leisha Chi-Santorelli
Market Place

American investor Jim Rogers is perhaps most famous for having retired aged 37 to travel around the world after having made his fortune from the Quantum hedge fund he co-founded with billionaire George Soros. For the last decade or so, he’s been living in Singapore with his family — part of a long-term bet on the future of Asia as the source of global growth and as a result, made sure his two children became fluent in Mandarin and Chinese culture.

In an interview for “Marketplace Morning Report” from the BBC World Service, he issued a note of caution about market conditions but said iron ore, copper, silver and gold remain strong bets as we close out an unpredictable and volatile year.

“I think everything has done badly,” Rogers said. “People couldn’t work, people couldn’t eat, people couldn’t do anything. But as I look around the world, bonds are certainly in a bubble. Stocks in some countries are near highs. Property in many places is [in a bubble]. About the only asset class I see that’s still cheap, are commodities.”

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