Hospital Executive Says Second Wave is a Hoax: 90% of Covid Beds Are Empty

Pennsylvania management company UPMC internal reports show 2nd Wave has produced zero deaths in entire 8000 bed hospital system

Info Wars

Alex Jones breaks down the bombshell admission by a hospital executive that the so-called “second wave” of the China Virus is a total hoax, much like the rest of the pandemic hysteria.

The whistleblower from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, which operates a network of 35 hospitals in western Pennsylvania, described how the latest “surge” of Covid cases was overblown by the media.

During this period, he said, hospitalizations increased from 96 beds to 600 beds, where the patients were kept in observation overnight and no deaths resulted.

However, the media will report that there was a 600% increase in hospitalizations to make it seem more dire and to justify another lockdown.

For example, if you start with 5 patients to 25, the media will say there was a 500% increase in cases — sounds terrifying, right?

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