Hold On Tight

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the media is not your friend. The media is the friend of Globalists. The Friend of communists and socialists.

by Bob Rinear
The International Forecaster

The problem with knowing. That’s what this article should be titled, but I decided on “hold on tight” because all manner of hell this way comes.

If you were to talk with people that are truly close to me, they’d tell you that I am very toned down in my articles. There’s a reason for this. If I blurt out to you all what is really happening and the scale of it, you’d not just look at me like I just grew an arm out of my head, but you’d start cackling in laughter. So absurd would be my view on things, that you’d have to run to the other room and snag someone else to come hear this lunatic.

Now granted, there’s a place for insanity in this world. No matter what the view, or what the perversion, there’s “X” amount of people that are all in on it. For instance “flat earthers.” There are you tube video’s where people are truly convinced that the earth is flat, they try and explain it, and some of them have tens of thousands of followers. They truly believe this madness. Or maybe take “furries,” for example. There are hundreds of thousands of people that dress up as cats, or rabbits, or what have you on the weekends. Blue hair, fuzzy paws, the whole bit. Just this week, a man in Russia was legally married to his sex doll. Whatever floats your boat.

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