Finding Mining Stock Multi-Bagger Success as a Private Investor with Luc ten Have

from Mining Stock Education

Luc ten Have is well-respected mining speculator at where he is publicly recognized as a top contributor.  On a prior MSE podcast, founder Tommy Humphreys said of Luc that he is “so good at finding opportunities as a retail investor.” Luc is a private mining investor based in Holland who has close to ten years’ experience speculating in resource stocks.  In this interview, Luc discusses how he began investing in mining stocks, key lessons learned along the way as well as his current approach to mining speculation.  Luc also shares a few mining stocks he thinks could perform well in 2021.

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0:00 Introduction
1:03 How did you find your way into mining stock investing?
3:56 Key to success as a private mining investor
5:40 Gambling versus speculation
8:29 How you find new mining stock investments?
11:30 Portfolio breakdown
13:36 Open market vs private placement buying
14:40 Incorporating macro-analysis into investment decisions
17:01 Navigating the 2013-2015 bear market
19:33 Exit strategy
20:46 Commodities you are investing in?
23:33 Difficulty selling
28:42 Learning from mistakes in 2020
30:17 Stocks Luc likes for 2021