Did They Steal the Election From Trump?

by James Rickards
Daily Reckoning

Was Trump’s reelection stolen? That’s a big claim, and it will require clear and convincing evidence to back it up. So far, allegations have been made, but the evidence has not been revealed.

There’s still time, but not much. Either the claims will fade, or a bombshell will explode. It’s still not clear which it will be. It is clear that investors need to be prepared for either outcome.

Let’s begin with the easy stuff. There was fraud in this election. The Trump team has hundreds of sworn affidavits by a variety of poll workers, poll watchers and Postal Service employees, among others, attesting to fraud.

An affidavit is not a casual claim. It’s a sworn statement under oath. Anyone who lies on an affidavit can be charged with fraud or other crimes. So, let’s give credence where it’s due and assume that at least most of these claims are true.

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