Corruption, Racketeering and Mass-Manslaughter

by Karl Denninger

I am now getting multiple reports from the field that doctors are being barred by their “medical groups” for which they work from prescribing Ivermectin off-label.

Let me remind you that the law permits any physician to prescribe anything off label if, in their professional opinion it is safe and might work; that is, the balance of benefits and harms is positive for a patient who gives informed consent. In fact about one prescription in five in the United States is written “off-label.”

Every one of these “medical groups” needs to be named and then charged with racketeering and mass-manslaughter.

150,000 counts of manslaughter.

This is federal and I want trials and the death penalty for every one of them. 150,000 dead is fifty Pearl Harbors or 9/11s.

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