Chinese Money Launderer Called James Biden After FBI Arrest, Was Trying to Reach Hunter

from Zero Hedge

With Politico reporting on Wednesday that Hunter Biden’s criminal investigation covers potential money laundering, and CNN‘s Simon Prokupecz reporting that the feds are looking into a 2017 gift to Hunter from CEFC China Energy Co. founder Ye Jianming – a 2.8-carat diamond, let’s revisit a prime example of what one Chinese professor described as ‘friends in high places‘ within the Democratic party.

In November, 2017, Joe Biden’s brother James received a surprise call on his cellphone from Patrick Ho, Ye Jianming’s lieutenant who was arrested by the FBI (and is now serving a 36-month sentence for bribery and money laundering), according to a December, 2018 report by the New York Times. According to James, the call was meant for Hunter.

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