A Remarkable Look at Gold, Twilight Zones, Perfect Storms and Fairy Tails

from King World News

With 2021 rapidly approaching, here is a remarkable look at gold, Twilight Zones, perfect storms and fairy tales.

Gold vs. Twilight Zones, Perfect Storms and Fairy Tails

December 27 (King World News) – Matt Piepenburg at Matterhorn Asset Management is pinch hitting for Egon von Greyerz this week and he hit it out of the park! Here is his fantastic article: It should and will come as no surprise that fundamentals like valuation basics and sane credit levels have left the building (and securities markets) for some time.

Today, we literally invest (i.e. buy and sell) in a veritable market Twilight Zone beyond sight, sound, reason and, well…earnings, profits and cash-flow.

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