Why Industrial Scale Fraud is Just So Hard to Hide

by Jay Valentine
American Thinker

People, we need to talk.

Way too many are caught in a media-induced despondency, knowing the presidential election was stolen, in the dark of night, vote counting suddenly stopped, vote counts on the television switched from Trump to Biden – yet each thinks he or she is the only one who saw it.

Why do I feel so alone?

Nobody can hide industrial scale fraud, of any sort, for long: Medicaid fraud, stock manipulation, fake invoices. The bigger the fraud, the harder it is to hide and thus the greater probability it is all going to come out. The words “…this would be the crime of the century” will likely be Tucker Carlson’s “read my lips, no new taxes….” a year from now.

Let’s talk about industrial level fraud.

It’s all over the place.

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