What Should I Be Thankful For?

by Karl Denninger

Should I be thankful?

For what?

For four more years of medical******of the American people? $3 trillion a year, more or less? That’s nearly $12 trillion stolen and zero people have been charged, convicted or sentenced. ******n every one of the people involved in stealing that straight to Hell.

For the intentional refusal to treat Covid19 symptoms early, leading directly to the death of over 250,000 Americans? I thought we had a right to try? Really? What sort of bull**** is that? How is it that the known early, yes, not peer-reviewed, data on Ivermectin and HCQ, when used early, has not led to immediate use by Americans on a routine basis?

Said Right to Try legislation allegedly permits someone who is terminally ill to use any “Phase 1” approved drug, whether completed with trials or not. But decades-old law permits any physician to prescribe anything “off label” they think might work; in fact 20% of prescriptions nationally are “off label.”

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