Weapons of Mass Deception

How politicians & marketers are hacking our psychological vulnerabilities

by Adam Taggart
Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity

One of the most-watched documentaries on Netflix right now is The Social Dilemma, an exposé of how Big Tech is manipulating our thinking and behavior in ways both grand and minute. And most of the time, we’re completely oblivious to it.

These companies prey upon the weaknesses in our cerebral programming; using our anxieties, our hopes, and our brain’s craving for dopamine to shepherd us into performing actions desired by their advertisers — whether it’s consuming certain content, buying certain products, or voting a certain way.

This is a massive social issue that we’re only beginning to become aware of as a society. How much more control do these companies wield over our thoughts and behavior than we currently realize? How much is acceptable? How do we protect ourselves going forward?

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