Warren Buffett-Funded Foundation Secretly Paid for Protest to Stop Construction of a Highly Contentious Pipeline

by Drew Johnson

Roughly 700 activists were arrested in 2016 for protesting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, an underground oil pipeline connecting the Bakken shale oil fields in northwest North Dakota with a storage facility in Illinois.

Hundreds of those arrested were freed from jail by one man – an obscure 26-year-old from a small town in Oregon – who admits to paying more than $100,000 in cash bond payments.

The mysterious payments, obtained by the Daily Caller, appear to be linked to radical environmental groups funded, in part, by Warren Buffett, who had a personal financial stake in preventing the construction of the pipeline.

During its construction, thousands of activists converged on the Standing Rock Sioux reservation to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline, claiming it would pollute drinking water and desecrate tribal land.

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