Tucker Carlson Warns About Biden’s Cabinet Selections: ‘Will Be a Different Country Overnight’

by Daily Wire News
Daily Wire

Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned on Tuesday night about several of the people that Joe Biden selected to be in his cabinet, saying that many of these people hold views that are well outside of the mainstream.

Carlson said that many Americans have no idea what Biden’s views are on many issues because a highly partisan news media shielded Biden.

Transcript and video below:

TUCKER CARLSON: Joe Biden has started to assemble his cabinet. So, we’re going to go by his choices to let us know what we can expect and what is emerging so far, as of tonight, looks a lot like the HR department at a large left-wing multinational. Heaps of woke authoritarian social policy mixed with a corporatist economic agenda. So, the rest of us will get stern lectures about our moral failings, those never end, while a small group of highly connected people will get even richer. Does that sound familiar to you? If Jeff Bezos and the Google guys took over the entire U.S. government, and effectively they have, this is what it would look like.

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