The ‘C’mon, Man’ Cajole: End on High Note, Biden Urges Trump

by Philip Wegmann
Real Clear Politics

The coronavirus burns across the country, after infecting more than 11 million Americans and killing another 246,000, as two separate vaccines promise the beginning of the end of the pandemic. Joe Biden presses Donald Trump — if he won’t concede the presidential election yet — to at least share the White House immunization plan with the incoming administration. Call it the “C’mon, Man” Appeal.

The president-elect made the pitch to the current president during remarks Monday in Wilmington, Del. Trump has kept the Coronavirus Task Force from cooperating with the transition. In Biden’s words, “More people may die if we don’t coordinate.”

And while the regularly exasperated politicians and cable news regulars remain exasperated, Biden appealed to Trump’s ego without going apoplectic. The sooner there is cooperation, he said, the sooner the virus can be whipped and the better it will be for the outgoing president’s legacy. Take the stimulus package that has been languishing in Congress, for instance; Biden said Trump should make the most of a lame-duck session and pass it immediately.

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