Technologies of Freedom, Substack Edition

by John Rubino
Dollar Collapse

Imagine that you’re trying to do actual investigative journalism at, say, the New York Times or Fox, and you propose a story that threatens the interests of your outlet’s audience or advertisers. Chances are you’ll be shut down by your editors, if not fired and blacklisted for going beyond the boundaries of permissible reporting.

Your response to this might depend on your place in the journalistic ecosystem. If you’re just building your career or trying to hold on to a mid-level niche, you’ll probably go along to get along, since it’s not clear where else you can go and still make a living.

If you’re near the top of the food chain, however, you now have options, in the form of new platforms that allow you to speak directly to your audience without mediation by corporate censors. One such platform is Substack, which is gaining popularity with prominent reporters fleeing what they see as increasingly outrageous mainstream censorship. Two quick examples:

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