Some Texas-Style Humor Prompts Karen-Style Howls from Biden Campaign

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

Texas is a state that loves humor and can laugh at itself. Just look at the names of some of its cities — you can feel it in names like Corsicana, Indianola, Texarkana…nobody else’s state has names like those. And of course, there’s the phrase “Texas-sized” which bigger Alaska can only envy. Nobody says ‘Alaska-sized.’ But everyone knows ‘Texas-sized.’ It’s humor in the hyperbole.

So in comes the humor-challenged Joe Biden campaign from its basement to make a stop in Austin, Texas, with some of its team taking a big bus on one of the state’s huge flat highways.

[…] And all Karen broke loose as the bus was spontaneously surrounded by cars bearing big pro-Trump flags and banners, putting on a show for the cameras. Nobody was violent, nobody was threatening. It obviously was an exuberant joie de vivre event to create something to post on social media.

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