Rudy Giuliani: The Case for Election Fraud Being Made by American Patriots in Both Parties

by Penny Starr

President Donald Trump’s legal team held a press conference on Thursday about the election fraud that’s been uncovered — a large amount of it reported by American citizens from both major political parties who want to preserve U.S. election integrity.

“That takes us to Michigan, where there was an honest Democrat who said they were cheating,” Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lead attorney, said to reporters at the press conference. “We’ll show you her affidavit, because I know you keep reporting, falsely, that we have no evidence.”

“That we have no specific acts of fraud,” Giuliani said. “That’s because the coverage of this has been almost as dishonest as the scheme itself.”

“The American people are entitled to know this,” Giuliani said.

Giuliani said that the press should not lie about what the investigation has revealed so far, including that it is Americas coming forward to share their stories of election fraud.

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