Proof of a Systemic Racket in Covid-19 Testing

by Karl Denninger

This article, published in Clinical Infectious Diseases by Oxford Academic, is damning.

It is known, of course, to Fauci, Birx, TNDOH, Vanderbilt, Harvard, Yale and others. It’s their job to keep on top of such things, and yet there has been exactly zero word said about any of it by any of these organizations or individuals.

RT-PCR testing is what all the breathless case counts are predicated on. From it we drive all public policy. We presume these actual case counts are accurate, that they represent the spread of the virus across the population, and that these positive tests represent a minimum number of infected people.

As with most respiratory viruses not everyone who gets one seeks medical attention. As such a large percentage of flu sufferers and virtually all common cold sufferers, for example, are never picked up by “testing” of any sort because they never go to a doctor. For this reason any such “testing” paradigm can only put a lower boundary on infections, never an upper one, especially with a virus that in many — or even most — cases does no serious harm.

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