Oregon & New Mexico Lockdown Again

by Mac Slavo

The governors of both Oregon and New Mexico have given dictatorial commands that they expect the slaves in their respective states to obey. Governor Kate Brown of Oregon even said: “I’m not asking. I’m telling.”

These new orders in these two states are some of the most aggressive responses yet to the latest wave of alleged coronavirus infections. If you believe the mainstream media, then the scamdemic has been “shattering records” across the United States, even as many of their counterparts in other states show little appetite for reimposing the hard-line restrictions of last spring.

Biden’s “COVID Advisor” Says U.S. Should Lockdown AGAIN For 4-6 Weeks

Isn’t it hilarious how people previously claimed that if Biden won the (s)election that this would all just disappear? (Not that he won, although the Associated Press or mainstream media has already given him the crown.) It will never go away for as long as the ruling class can use it to amass power over others. That should be obvious by now.

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