How Does the Gold Pull Back Affect Mining Stocks? with Jamie Keech

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Jamie Keech is a Vancouver-based financier with a background in mining engineering. The pull back in gold prices has been widely expected and anticipated. Gold bull markets don’t go up in a straight-line. Of course it’s painful to see your portfolio value go down quickly. But Jamie says that even at $1800 gold everything in mining stock portfolio is still worth holding on to. When it comes to Bitcoin vs. Gold, Jamie observes that there’s no leverage in BTC. Gold miners give an opportunity for major leveraged returns. While BTC has had a major move, it hasn’t gone up 100 or even 10 times. What we do know is that we don’t know what will happen with Bitcoin during these uncertain times. However, based upon history, we can get a very good idea what will happen to precious metals. And that’s why the case for mining stocks is so compelling.

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