Grandma Killers: Government, Both Left and Right

by Karl Denninger

Back in February and March I pointed out several facts about Covid19, all of them via statistical inference — because at the time, that was all we had, and as a data guy that’s usually enough to guide you in terms of the proper approach to a problem.

As time as gone on many of those statistical inferences have been proved up as facts. This study has a number of them all collected in one place, and is damning in its implications.

As I’ve noted RT-PCR is a crappy test in terms of assessing people on an individual basis. It cannot, on the facts, form the basis for a legally enforceable action including quarantine orders, as it is physically incapable of distinguishing between live, infectious virus and viral debris. Due to how viruses replicate in a host there is always a much longer “tail” period beyond the infectious period where viral particles are present but they are not infectious. This is true for every virus.

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