Everything You Don’t Want to Know About Covid Vaccines (Because You Can’t Be Bullish Anymore)

by Charles Hugh Smith
Of Two Minds

In such a highly polarized, politicized environment, is such a scrupulously objective study even possible?

Now that we’ve had the happy-talk about Pfizer’s messenger-RNA (mRNA) vaccine (and noted that Pfizer’s CEO sold the majority of his shares in the company immediately after the happy-talk), let’s dig into messenger-RNA (mRNA) vaccines which are fast approaching regulatory approval.

Some people have concluded vaccines are not safe, regardless of their source or mechanisms. These people will never take any Covid vaccine.

Others will also decline a vaccine because they’ve concluded Covid is overblown.

Fair enough. But many other people conclude Covid is dangerous, partly because so little is known about its long-term effects (Long-Covid, Long-Haulers). Covid’s low mortality rate may be distracting us from its other more insidious consequences.

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