Easy-Breezy Biden Sidesteps Transition Drama

by Philip Wegmann
Real Clear Politics

It’s been a week of hysterical superlatives, with terms like “coup” and “banana republic” and “total war” thrown around with alarming frequency as a little more than half the country insists that the presidential election is over and done while a little less than half insists the outcome is still undecided.

Nonetheless, the presumed president-elect laughed during a Tuesday press conference.

“So far, there is no evidence of any of the assertions made by the president or Secretary of State Pompeo,” Biden said regarding President Trump’s refusal to concede. And that’s when he laughed a little and repeated, “Secretary of State Pompeo.”

Biden was responding to a question about an exchange at the State Department earlier that day. A reporter had asked if officials there were cooperating with the Biden transition team.

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