Count and Recount Every ‘Vote’ Until You Win

by Shama Tobin
American Thinker

First, they tried to bring him down with a sex “scandal” that almost elevated a creepy lawyer to a Democratic presidential contender. Then they cooked up a baseless impeachment. A virus came from China to later derail what could have been a landslide win for him. Then numerous blatant push polls tried to demoralize his supporters. (Just pick one. Less than a week before the election, an ABC News–Washington Post poll gave Biden a 17% lead in Wisconsin. Is there any way to sue these two corrupt companies?)

They had written him off. Yet he not only survived, but also is winning — until a massive cheating operation came at the right time. The votes he won in Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, and Wisconsin should be enough to re-elect Trump. But he must be stopped. Just use the old refined trick.

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