Corona-Absurdity Collides with California, New York, and Thanksgiving

by John Tamny
Real Clear Markets

“The coronavirus takes a lunch break.” That’s the running joke among the students and parents at a rather elite grade school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Due to hysteria among the teachers about the virus, masks are required at all times of the day. Even on the fields of play.

The challenge for this school’s educators has been lunch. Amazing as capitalism is, it hasn’t devised a way short of intravenous feeding for human beings to eat without opening their uncovered mouths. Which means the coronavirus miraculously takes a lunch break each day. For about an hour everyone can rest – and breathe – easy.

This past Sunday, public health officials banned all outdoor dining in Los Angeles County for three weeks. Right as the Christmas shopping season begins, state employees who will never miss a meal chopped SoCal businesses off at the knees. If you’re even mildly compassionate, it’s hard not to be sickened.

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