Builder, 51, Who Died After Falling from a 10 Foot Ladder Was Actually Killed by Coronavirus, Doctors Say

Builder tested positive for coronavirus after he was pronounced dead by medics

[Ed. Note: Proof: You can have a medical degree, and no actual brain.]

by Luke Andrews

A builder who died after falling from a 10ft ladder was actually killed by Covid-19, scientists have claimed.

The man, who has not been named, suffered lacerations to his forehead and bruises to his face, elbow and left hand after he fell into the yard of an under construction family home.

Medics were called and rushed to the building site, in Croatia, and desperately tried to revive him, but he was declared dead at the scene.

A test for coronavirus was then carried out, as required by local medical guidelines, and came back positive.

An autopsy revealed large sections of his lungs were blocked – leading doctors to diagnose acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

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