Biden in Talks to Bring in Pennsylvania Health Official Who Slipped Her Elderly Mother Out of Covid-Seeded Facility

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

In a bid to call itself an “inclusive” administation, claimed President-elect Joe Biden is in talks to bring in a doozy of an official in his plan to halt COVID.

Here’s what U.K.’s Pink News, an LGBT media outlet, reports:

Dr Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania’s secretary of health, has been tipped for a high-ranking position in the Joe Biden administration. Levine is one of the highest-ranking transgender officials in the US, and has spent this year leading Pennsylvania’s response to the pandemic in the face of shameless transphobia.

Her hard work and decades of medical experience could soon be rewarded, with her name now attached to two key White House roles.

The LGBTQ Victory Fund, a political action committee (PAC) that helped elect hundreds of queer politicians in the 2020 election, has suggested Biden should appoint Levine either secretary of health and human services or US surgeon general. Ruben Gonzalez, vice president of the PAC, said the organisation has already had “informal conversations” with the Biden transition team regarding LGBT+ appointments, and is “feeling very confident and very hopeful that we will see trans people serve in high-level roles in this administration”.

It’s not about the person being transgender.

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