An Election Where (Almost) Everybody Loses?

by Michael Snyder
The Economic Collapse Blog

This election did not go the way that most people were anticipating. For months, the mainstream media and many on the left insisted that the big national polls were right this time and that a Joe Biden landslide was coming. Obviously, that did not happen. On the other hand, many on the right kept telling us that a huge Trump landslide was coming, and that did not materialize either. Instead, we got the very close race that I have been warning about for weeks. I kept explaining to my readers that we would not know the winner on the night of the election, and that projection turned out to be right on the money. At this hour, votes are still being counted in critical swing states all over the nation, and things could still go either way. I know that the mainstream media is eager to crown Joe Biden the victor, but that hasn’t happened yet. Trump’s campaign team still believes that the final results in Arizona and Nevada will go their way, and they are convinced that could potentially change everything. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

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