A Very Unsettling Thanksgiving

by Clarice Feldman
American Thinker

For the first time in recent memory we will be unable to visit our son and his family in Hawaii for Thanksgiving. The quarantine requirements have been lifted if we take and get a negative result on a COVID test. (Something like 90% of the positive results on such tests are false positives.) But it’s a very long flight during which we’d have to be masked in flight and at the airports and it’s more than we can endure. (Even if we assumed the masks were efficacious, which I don’t think they are — indeed, I think they are counterproductive — we find them physically uncomfortable.)

Most of us look forward to the holiday spent with family and friends and sharing traditional foods of the season. The autocratic governors in a number of states — most of whom were caught violating their own lockdown orders when it suited them — have mandated strict limits on such communal dining. It is doubtful that law enforcement will help them with their latest autocratic overreach.

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