Why Are the Trafalgar and Rasmussen Polls So Different from the Polls the Mainstream Media Puts Out?

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

Have you noticed that poll results seem to be all over the place this election season? The mainstream media is constantly touting polls that show Joe Biden with a huge national lead and strong leads in most of the critical swing states. But independent pollsters such as Trafalgar, Rasmussen and others consistently come out with polls that show President Trump doing very well in the swing states. In fact, if the Trafalgar polls end up being as accurate as they were in 2016, Trump will win the election. But if you listen to the pundits in the mainstream media, that is almost impossible. In fact, earlier today on The Most Important News I posted one mainstream forecast that is projecting that Joe Biden has a 95 percent chance of winning the election. Someone is definitely very wrong, and soon we will find out who that is.

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