Who’s a Greater Threat to Elections? Facebook & Twitter or Russia & China with Brian Boyd

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Brian Boyd notes that the FBI has warned of foreign election interference… Government agencies say this evening that Iran and Russia have taken actions to influence public opinion in the run up to the U-S presidential election. The director of National Intelligence says some voter registration information was obtained by both countries while they believe Iran has sent out emails designed to intimidate voters. However, it appears that Facebook and Twitter are far more dangerous. Their behavior is the exact thing that happened in Venezuela. Failing to cover the Biden corruption stories, which detail legendary corruption by the Biden Crime Family, could be construed as an act of treason.

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  1. As Martin Armstrong mentioned today, the greatest threat in this years election is the NSA and CIA overturning results in swing States. China and Russia want peace and a Biden presidency will bring out the warmongers.

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